A great benefit to working with COR Legal is that our relationship will be defined by flexibility. This extends from both our substantive advice and counsel as well as to our professional fees.


COR Legal’s professional fees are flexible. Depending on a client’s needs, we offer:


•    competitive hourly rates;

•    negotiated fixed fees for discrete projects;

•    pre-arranged time commitments with weekly or monthly retainers; or

•    other creative, alternative billing arrangements


No matter the fee structure we negotiate, COR Legal is committed to helping each client get quality services and value for a lower cost than hiring full-time in-house counsel or relying exclusively on outside law firms.

COR Legal also believes that its clients should get a discount for prompt and early payments. Please talk to us about payment terms which may help both of us manage cash flows more effectively.

Please contact us to find out how out COR Legal can meet the legal needs of your organization affordably and responsively.

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