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COR Legal is an innovative alternative for businesses to manage their on-going legal needs.

Our focus is on-demand in-house counsel services for small and medium size businesses.


COR Legal serves as fractional general counsel or as support counsel to businesses which will benefit from the advice and counsel that an in-house General Counsel typically provides. These businesses may not be ready to engage a full-time in-house attorney or may need additional in-house style resources. COR Legal offers businesses a competitive alternative to the costs and complications of adding permanent in-house legal team members.

COR Legal’s approach is to function both as a legal advisor and a business partner by:

•    understanding the heart of every client’s business and legal needs

•    becoming a core, essential advisor to each client’s business; and

•    providing innovative and efficient solutions to enable business growth and competitiveness

COR Legal’s services are flexible – we can work on-site and integrate into the operating rhythm of a client’s business as much as may be desired.

For companies desiring COR Legal to act as general counsel, on a fractional basis, we typically would reserve two days a week for dedicated availability.

We also work on an as-needed basis for discrete advice, projects or general needs.

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