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Fractional General Counsel Services On Demand
Legal Advice.  At the Heart of Business.

Fractional General Counsel

On-Demand In-House Legal Counsel

   Services for Small, Medium, and Mature Businesses:

  • Transactional: negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial and operational contracts


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance projects


  • Strategic deals: mergers, acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures


  • Overall legal advice on corporate operations, strategic planning and risk management


  • Management of outside counsel 


Fractional General Counsel Sevices On Demand
Why COR Legal?
Our focus is fractional in-house legal counsel services to drive efficiency and cost savings for businesses. We work "on-demand" for small, medium and mature businesses.
COR Legal serves as fractional general counsel or as support counsel to businesses which will benefit from the advice and counsel that an in-house General Counsel typically provides.
Who is COR Legal?
COR Legal was founded by J. Scott Pusey with a vision be a unique and innovative firm that functions both as a legal advisor and a business partner.
J. Scott Pusey, Owner and Founder of COR Legal, Provider of Fractional General Counsel Services On Demand
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